Thursday, October 05, 2006


Before 43 seconds ago, I mentioned Wes Bialosuknia's name once in my life.

Chances are he rarely, or never, crosses your mind.

He is likely of European descent. To the best of my knowledge, he never served in the Israeli army next to Nadav Henefeld or has a real first name like Chukwuemeka like Emeka Okafor.

He owned a nickname at some point in his life like Corny, but his given name is Wesley, not Cornelius. It's just Wes. Just like the rest of us, an average name.

But there are some extraordinary names and numbers floating around out there and some facts that make you say either, "That guy has too much time on his hands" or "That's a ridiculous number."

I want to hear those, because those facts and names and numbers go a long way at parties or job interviews or to prove you're superior when it comes to all matters UConn.

And really, you know people like that.

Maybe you are that person.

You know who you are.

Yes, you do.

There are also numbers from the past that explain the future. Baseball will always have sabermetrics. The national pastime has always thrived on numbers while basketball is so much more subjective. Basketball is different but numbers matter.

Still, they remain hidden in box scores or do not even exist.

Until now.

-The six inches on either side of Jeff Adrien's shoulders that creates another foot of space which may account for four more points, which, in turn, may be the final difference in a game.

- The 45-degree angle A.J. Price uses to attack the lane which results in a one-foot circumference of open space, which, in turn, draws another defender, which, in turn, leaves a player open. Five on four. One player open. Two points. The difference.

- And maybe there is a reason why a 7-footer like Travis Knight grew up in Utah and Hasheem Thabeet grew to 87 inches in Tanzania. They are linked to Storrs, Connecticut. There is math here. Let's do it.

During the season, I will add insight, share some news and entertain your queries. We share this space.

In case you are wondering, Wes Bialosuknia is referred to as the "Poughkeepsie Popper", for all of you who were born after the original Woodstock. He once was the all-time leading scorer at UConn but six players have passed him.

Some may argue that his nickname is, indeed, corny.

But there was only one Corny Thompson. And some of us wish we could get away with a short-cropped Afro and a beard like him. After all, Fletch was 6-5, 6-9 with the Afro, according to Chick Hearn.

And we all want to be a little taller.

The only way you can do that is if you own a little more knowledge.



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