Friday, December 01, 2006

Light reading and viewing

It’s Dec. 1.

There have been upsets on the national college basketball scene.

It’s Dec. 1.

UConn sophomore forward Jeff Adrien mentioned earlier in the week that he and his teammates have taken notice.

It’s Dec. 1.

Everyone seems to have a conspiracy theory, but the closest thing I have found in my quest for an explanation is ESPN’s Pat Forde's take, who lists a number of reasons why this is happening. I agree with 80 percent of his story.

In a similar vein, check out some thoughts from the mid-majority. By the way, is the Missouri Valley Conference still considered a mid-major? This was a hot-button issue the last few years but Northern Iowa and Iowa State played a little role reversal the other night.

Pretty good read about perception.

In case you missed the New Haven Register’s feature on the Huskies’ Jerome Dyson from earlier in the week, you can check it out again.

Shameless self-promotion is now over.

Moving on to Emeka Okafor. Today is World AIDS Day. Here’s a class example of giving back. Take note. Remember, your problems are not so bad after all. And in case you get Sports Illustrated and don’t read it the same way everyone else does from back to front, check out Rick Reilly’s story on giving back.

Never has someone appeared in this space so much as former Syracuse guard and the pride of Scranton, Gerry McNamara. He has left Greece. And maybe, just maybe, he’s returning to upstate New York.

Marcus Johnson appears in Seth Davis’ story on sophomores of impact on What I like is that Davis gives an update on his class from last year, just in case people have short memories.

Finally, I was thumbing through the latest edition of GQ, through shirts and jackets that cost more than what I make in a year, through hair products that cost more than a new car, stopped on a great story on Lionel Richie and how people in the Middle East and Africa (bizarre) love his music (post Commodores. “Brickhouse” really didn’t catch on there), and found this little tidbit on Stephen (Screamin’) A. Smith.

Now, if you still don’t know whether to love or hate Smith, this clip from You Tube gives you a peek into some fans’ world. The clip is almost eight minutes, borderline irritating, but includes Cheetos and Sprite. The clip is just a taste test.

And if you’re not sure what to make of You Tube (revolutionary or major copyright lawsuits waiting to happen), I don’t know what to tell you.

Stay tuned.


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