Monday, January 15, 2007

Light reading

Catching up on some reading while sitting in Bradley Airport.

Thought about getting a shoe shine strictly for nostalgia purposes.

Then I saw a winter front ripping through the midwest and into Pittsburgh.

Re-evaluated and got a cup of coffee instead and thought about the MLK retrospect on NPR this morning.

Anyway, check out these links.

Here's some free advertising for Gary Boren, a financial expert who also moonlights as a free-throw shooting consultant. This guy should quit his day job and every NBA team and college program should give Boren a call. Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks did.

Next, moving on to Harvey Keitel's stunt double, Michigan State's Tom Izzo. Here is the Detroit Fress Press' take on how the Spartans are winning this season. The bad news is, Greg Oden and his beard are also in the Big Ten.

UConn's opponent on Tuesday, the Big East-leading Pitt Panthers, is confirming early thoughts that they should win the conference. Still, there are two months to go.

Finally, here's the follow-up to the Huskies' win over St. John's on Saturday night at Madison Square Garden. Stanley Robinson will start once again against Pitt.


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