Saturday, December 22, 2007

Woodward & Bernstein?

Jim Calhoun is always good for a good (perhaps slightly embellished) story. This week's best story centers on Maine coach Ted Woodward, who was an assistant to Calhoun at UConn from 1986-89.

Only Calhoun's words can do it justice:

"Ted's greatest accomplishment here ... he could do a great impersonation (of an out-of-town journalist) ... you couldn't have a Connecticut reporter call a recruit, because he's always going to say, 'Oh, I really like Connecticut.' And for a Philly reporter, he'd really like Villanova. So, he would become from other places -- either neutral or from the school that we thought was the biggest competition. He was able to impersonate writers -- which some of you do, too, as well as anybody."

Just had to get a shot in at the local media, didn't he?

Anyway, seems this must have violated some sort of NCAA rule back in the day. But, as colleague Mike Anthony pointed out, "It was the Wild, Wild West back then."


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