Saturday, January 12, 2008

Can you hear me now? Good.

Some pregame notes & observations from the Verizon Center:

  • Jim Calhoun is feeling ill and will not be on the bench for today's game with Georgetown. Calhoun had been the fine the last few days since leaving Tuesday night's game early, but felt ill at last night's team dinner and simply wasn't up to coming out on the bench for today's game.

  • After today's game, UConn assistant coach Andre LaFleur will fly down to Australia to watch skilled 6-9 forward Ater Majok play. On Tuesday, the Huskies will watch 6-4 shooter Scott Haralson play down in Mississippi. Haralson, apparently, is real big on UConn, but the Huskies' interest could rest on whether or not Nate Miles gets accepted into the school.

  • While Miles (who's currently at his sixth different high school) has baggage, high-scoring junior college forward Keith Brumbaugh has even more. Brumbaugh, who announced for the NBA Draft in May, 2005 before withdrawing his name, has shoplifting and resisting arrest charges on his record. With that in mind, the Huskies don't have much interest in the 6-9 forward, who is averaging 41 points and 13 rebounds for Hillsborough Community College. According to, UConn and South Florida are his two schools of interest.

  • Back to Miles: at least one person at UConn believes that if Miles does get enrolled at UConn, he could function as the team's backup point guard.

  • Lots of trash-talking from the Georgetown student section. Plenty of stolen laptop jokes hurled at A.J. Price ("Hey A.J., do you get wireless down here?!?") and lots of stuff said to Hasheem Thabeet that no fan would ever say to his face.


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