Monday, January 28, 2008

Wiggins Due in Court on Feb. 4

Doug Wiggins' court date to answer to a charge of operating with a suspended driver's license and possessing alcohol as a minor is slated for Monday, Feb. 4 at Rockville Superior Court.

Wiggins' driver's license had been suspended for failure to respond to an earlier infraction.

Wiggins and University of Connecticut men's basketball teammate Jerome Dyson have been indefinitely suspended from the team since Friday afternoon after being caught with two bottles of alcohol by campus police on Thursday night.

Wiggins, 20, was issued a summons for operating under suspension and for possession of alcohol as a minor. Dyson, 20, was issued an infraction for possession of alcohol as a minor. Similar to a speeding ticket, Dyson will probably be able to pay a fine by mail, or could contest the charge in court.

Both players could be subject to university discipline. The UConn Police Department shares its information with University Dean of Students Lee Williams.

According to a statement released by UConn police, at about 11:51 p.m. on Thursday officers saw a car pull into a parking lot off King Hill Road. Officers felt the occupants of the car were acting in a suspicious manner when they did not exit the vehicle.

Officers approached the car and found it operated by Wiggins (who, ironically, turned 20 on Saturday) and Dyson. Police observed a bottle of cognac and a bottle of vodka in the car.


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