Thursday, March 13, 2008

Alexander the Great

Too much Joe Alexander (career-high 34 points). Too many WVU offensive rebounds down the stretch. Virtually no Hasheem Thabeet, no transition offense, very little halfcourt offense.

Result: West Virginia 78, UConn 72. Huskies become first higher-seeded team to lose in Big East tourney.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the refs took the game. There were so many possession where ticky tack fouls were called that i can't point to any one possession. I'll give its to alexander who has nearly an undefendable shot and was hitting on all cylinders and WV got all the bounces for rebounds. Their defense negated husky big men to some extent, but i still believe that Uconn's short run in the last 3 minutes or so would have brought them much closer than 6 points had it not been for the ticky tack fouls that took robinson, dyson, and even thabeet out of the game.I don't know what the foul totals are, but if their was a stat for the last 10 minutes, i assure anyone the uconn took the brunt of it. But the game was the matter of 6 points, 6 points that i attribute to the refs taking the flow from the game, and the refs attacking the player that played the 3,4, and 5 today.

5:27 PM 

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