Friday, March 21, 2008

Tough 'Toppers

Drake's Cinderella season is in jeopardy as it trails Western Kentucky 47-38 at halftime. The Hilltoppers look good -- they shoot the ball very well (61 percent in first half, 44 percent from Treyville) and they're athletic. They also play a 2-3 zone. Add that all up and that's a tough match-up for UConn -- assuming WKU holds on to win and the Huskies beat San Diego.

Drake is too reliant on the 3-pointer, and when they don't fall (5-for-17 so far) the Bulldogs are in trouble. Klayton Korver, Kyle's younger brother, has no conscience. He's thrown up at least three trey attempts from well past NBA distance and missed them all, often leading to transition layups for WKU. Drake is a great story, with a pair of former walk-ons (including conference player of the year Adam Emmenecker) leading the way. But it if doesn't find a way to keep the Hilltoppers from hitting open 3's, and doesn't start making some baskets of its own, Drake is in trouble.


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