Sunday, June 08, 2008

Good Visit for Miles

Much-traveled recruit Nate Miles made an official visit to UConn late last week. The chief reason for the visit was for Miles to meet with UConn’s academic staff, as well as athletic director Jeff Hathaway. By all accounts, it was a good visit for Miles.

Miles attended six different high schools in four years and he has yet to pass muster with the NCAA Eligibility Center. The Huskies coaching staff believes Miles, who scored about a 950 on his SAT, will eventually get through. His toughest hurdle still figures to be being accepted by UConn.

If Miles is enrolled at Storrs by the fall, the Huskies will have to open up a scholarship for him. Currently, all 13 of UConn’s scholarships are taken. However, sophomore forward Stanley Robinson could eventually be a casualty, like Curtis Kelly and Doug Wiggins before him.

“We have Stanley on the same situation we had with Curtis and Dougie,” Calhoun said. “It’s a little bit of a different situation, but he’s got things to prove to us.”

When asked if Robinson’s problems were mainly academic, Calhoun said: “It’s the same total package we had with the other kids, where they (weren’t) doing the things that we want them to do.”

Both Kelly and Wiggins reportedly had issues showing up late to classes and tutorial sessions, as well as team functions.


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