Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Majok, Miles ... and a Mission

A few notes & quotes from UConn Territory:

It seems a virtual certainty at this point that Ater Majok won't be in a Husky uniform until mid-December.

Majok has completed his coursework at the American International School in Sydney, even though classes there are still in session. Because of that, the school is loathe to release his transcripts until the rest of his classmates are finished for the semester.

With that in mind, UConn hasn't been able to turn over all of his necessary paperwork to the NCAA Clearinghouse. With classes at UConn already in their second week, it's extremely doubtful Majok (a Sudanese native) would be able to get cleared and enroll at UConn in time for this semester.

So, it appears that Majok won't be in a Husky uniform until the end of the first semester in mid-December.

"He's not totally unhappy," said UConn assistant coach Andre LaFleur. "His father's a little sick, so he wants to be with his family now."

LaFleur has been the point man in Majok's recruitment, in part through his connections in Australia, where LaFleur once played professionally. He is close friends with Ed Smith, Majok's coach in Australia.

LaFleur made a recruiting visit to Australia this past winter and plans on flying out there later this month to check up on Majok and his situation at the American International School.

Apparently, the school wasn’t pleased when an unofficial transcript of Majok's was sent out to American colleges a while ago. Now, it seems, everybody is very much on the school's time when it comes to the release of Majok's official paperwork.

There are also issues with how his schoolwork in Australia will be interpreted by the NCAA. For instance, Majok took courses in history – Australian history, not American history. Whether that is a potential roadblock remains to be seen.

"We're very confident this stuff can be resolved in a few weeks," LaFleur said, before noting that it hasn't been an easy process. "It's like trying to get Apple to mesh up with Microsoft."


We knew Nate Miles was advertised as a good shooter, but not this good: During a shooting drill this morning, Miles reportedly hit 53 out of the 60 3-pointers he attempted. That's not a misprint. And apparently, Miles was hitting shots while on the move, from three different spots around the perimeter. Wow.


UConn players reported to their first strength and conditioning session this morning, bright and early at 7:30 a.m. By all accounts, they are ready for some serious business this winter.

"All the guys were there, and they were serious," said LaFleur. "It wasn't like the last few years, where there'd be a little immaturity. There was no idle chatter. It reminded me of my first year, when Caron (Butler) was a sophomore. The players' mindset … there was very little time for nonsense. The guys worked. It gave me a glimpse that they understand they're on a mission."

Read tomorrow's Register for more UConn men's basketball news


Anonymous KanelJayhawk said...

Looks like Miles and Majok were both recruited improperly. Miles is no longer a UConn player but Majok should be ruled ineligible immediately upon discovery of evidence that his LOI came about from the improper recruitment. If UConn is going to recruit by breaking the rules then they should be put on probation and lose a scholarship like the NCAA did to Kansas three years ago for violations during the Roy Williams tenure.

8:45 PM 

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