Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Times for the Husky Run

Gavin Edwards and walk-on Kyle Bailey finished neck-and-neck among UConn players at the annual Husky Run. The two finished with a time of 21:21. Edwards claimed victory ("by a toe"), but Bailey begged to differ.

"Go to the tape!" Bailey said.

Here's how the UConn players finished:

Gavin Edwards, 21:21
Kyle Bailey (walk-on), 21:21
Alex Hornat (walk-on), 21:34
Jerome Dyson, 22:11Kyle Hayes (walk-on), 22:54
Kareem (walk-on), 22:56
Craig Austrie, 23:49
Jonnie Byrd (walk-on), 23:58
Hasheem Thabeet, 24:00
Kemba Walker, 24:28
Jeff Adrien, 24:38
Donnell Beverly, 24:40
A.J. Price, 25:02
Scottie Haralson, 25:08
Jonathan Mandeldove, 25:30
John Lindner (walk-on), 27:47

Perhaps the most notable finish was Dyson's. Last year, he finished dead-last among UConn scholarship players, setting the tone for what wound up being a disappointing season for the talented guard.

But Dyson wants to make up for last season, in which he was suspended at one point for nine games due to a failed drug test and never really got back in synch the rest of the way.

"I didn't want to come in last two years in a row. I just had to come out and run a little bit harder this time," Dyson said. "The way things happened last year, I felt like I just needed to start out on a good note. This was a good way to do that."

The overall winner was Dan Kim, a UConn senior from Westboro, Mass., who finished with a time of 17:22.


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