Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hey Bulldogs

UConn's 88-58 triumph over Division I neophyte Bryant can be traced to one bad call, joked first-year Bulldog coach Tim O'Shea.

"My good friend Max Good (the ex-Bryant coach) called me last night," O'Shea revealed. "He wanted to remind me that one call cost me this game, and that was the phone call he made to schedule it. I got a good laugh out of that."

***O'Shea, the former Ohio University head man and longtime assistant at both Boston College and URI, said the UConn reminds him of last year's national-champion Kansas team, in terms of its depth and talent.

"They're tremendously talented, and what makes them unique is that they have a guy like Thabeet. Nobody else has a guy like that anywhere in the country. There's not another 7-3 guy, that I know of, who can change the interior game to the degree that he can."

***Thabeet notched his third double-double of the season with 16 points and 12 boards. All six of his field goals came on dunks, which will happen when you're 7-foot-3 and your tallest opponent stands 6-7.

"(That) is an usual stat," Calhoun admitted. "But, when you're that big and strong … and he still has to learn, when smaller guys take his legs out from under him, to fight through. It's good to have Hasheem to continue to get double-doubles. It will be important for him down the line, when he has to compete."

***Freshman Scottie Haralson got off the schneid by hitting a 3-pointer in the game's final second. He's now 1-for-9 from Trey Land this season.

"We didn't want that shot at the end, but it may be the highlight of the game," said Calhoun. "That was the most emotion our players showed, anyway."

***Calhoun was equally displeased with the emotion from the XL Center crowd of 12,558.

"The house wasn't that excited, I mean it just wasn't an exciting place. On Monday night against Wisconsin, in a 3,000-seat arena (at the University of the Virgin Islands), it was an exciting place to be, basketball-wise. Today, it was nowhere near as noisy or exciting."

A.J. Price agreed: "It was very quiet, but we're used to that. That's how it is in the XL Center sometimes. A lot of people just watch sometimes and don't really make too much noise. It wasn't necessarily a big game, so I guess they weren't into it that much. But I've also been here when we've played some tough teams and it was extremely loud. You take the good with the bad, I guess."

***With the win, Calhoun tied Lou Henson and Lute Olson for eighth place on the all-time victory list with 780. Asked how it made him feel, he said: "Old. The thing that scares me is I've coached 80 more games than anyone else in college basketball right now. You start thinking about how many times you've heard that whistle, how many times you've seen the games … if I'm still excited about it, and still have a little something going through my stomach before Bryant, then I think they should. I've been through different and, I hate to say this, but bigger games than Bryant. And I still get excited for Bryant. I would like them to share that experience, because you don't know when that could be taken away from you, or it just ends."

***On Tuesday, UConn assistant Pat Sellers left the Virgin Islands to watch Brandon Knight, the Class of 2010 combo guard out of Pine Crest School in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Knight is's top-rated point guard in his class, and he is coached by New Haven native David Beckerman, a friend of Jim Calhoun's. Still, UConn may be a tough sell for Knight – Florida coach Billy Donovan was among the several high-profile spectators at Knight's game on Tuesday.

***The Huskies will have a one-hour practice tomorrow in preparation for Monday night's bout with Delaware State at 7:30 p.m. at Gampel.

***Back to O'Shea, whose Bulldogs face three Big East teams (UConn, Providence and Rutgers), two ACC squads (Boston College, Maryland) and one Big 10 school (Iowa) over the next month.

"I think my good friend Max was off his medication when he put this schedule together. It's certainly a very challenging schedule … but there's nobody else on the schedule like Connecticut."

***Can you name the band that recorded the song which serves as the title of this post?


Anonymous Ian said...

That would be the Beattles.

5:39 PM 
Anonymous wtsherman said...

Reportedly, this was the last song in which John and Paul worked amicably. If you watch youtube vids you see them collaborating to bark and ruff and banter off a lyrics sheet. While they stopped collaborating on the songwriting thing a year or three before, I think they still got along fine in the actual recording up until this song. Guessing this was mid 68. The footage of the Hey Bulldog recording (John's got thick red sideburns and and they're wearing smart sweaters) was actually used for visuals to promote the single Lady Madonna.

2:14 AM 
Blogger David Borges said...

Outstanding work, Ian and wtsherman ... very detailed from the latter. I've seen the youtube footage and it's very interesting to see John and Paul working together on good terms, as opposed to the relative ugliness that was evident in the 'Let it Be' film.

10:01 AM 

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