Saturday, January 10, 2009

Redemption Song

Not going to blog too much tonight, as I've got to hit the road for a 2-hour drive up to Columbus, followed by a 3 1/2-hour drive to Pittsburgh to fly home tomorrow morning. Plus, most of the relevant stuff from tonight's game will be in my gamer and notebook tomorrow, plus a follow that will run on Monday. Here's a couple of things:

***A.J. Price gave an indication earlier this week in practice that he was ready to redeem himself from his 0-for-9, 1-point clunker vs. West Virginia with a big performance tonight.

During a 3-point shooting drill late in practice, Price knocked down 31 out of 37 shots in a 90-second span. It was the best performance, according to Jim Calhoun, since Rashad Anderson knocked down 35 a few years ago.

When Calhoun told us about Price's exhibition yesterday, we assumed it might have been a little more of the coach's penchant for, shall we say, exaggeration. But Price confirmed it today -- he really did knock down 31 of 37. Now, he's got his sights set squarely on Anderson's "record."

"That's my next goal," he said, "to try to get that."

***To answer a few e-mails I've received during and after tonight's game, I'll say that it appears that Jonathan Mandeldove may have lost his chance at a medical redshirt this season after his five minutes of action vs. Cincy.

According to NCAA Bylaw 14.2.4, a player can only receive a medical redshirt if an injury occurs prior to completion of the first half of the season, or when the player has not participated in 30-percent of the school's scheduled contests.

That puts 'Dove in a precarious situation. Saturday was the exact midpoint of UConn's 30-game schedule, though Mandeldove has played in just four (27 percent) of those contests. Does that eliminate the redshirt possibility? Can't say I'm exactly sure. Sorry about not being able to give a definite answer, but then, neither can associate head coach George Blaney, who said he wasn't sure when I asked him after the game about Mandeldove's status. (Didn't get a chance to ask Calhoun).

It's also not a certainty that the Huskies were planning on red-shirting the 7-footer, though it appears that may have been the case. Calhoun had mentioned earlier in the season that Mandeldove is suffering from a bad back, and in several blowouts this season, he's put in walk-ons during garbage time instead of Mandeldove.

Mandeldove's last bit of action was back on Dec. 20 against Gonzaga.

***That's it for now. Can anyone name who sang the song "Redemption Song"?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marley *Mon

9:56 PM 
Blogger David Borges said...

Correctamundo, as Fonzie would say.

11:31 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anything new on Majok

6:34 PM 
Blogger David Borges said...

The one question I've been asked the most lately is if I have anything new on Majok. The answer is, at this point, no. Unfortunately, everyone (Majok, his family, the media, the UConn coaching staff) is at the mercy of the NCAA clearinghouse, which can take as long as it deems necessary.

There really is no other way to obtain information on how far along the case is, other than when UConn and/or Majok himself gets word on whether or not Majok is cleared. And believe me, as soon as they find out and we get the info, it will be posted here.

6:48 PM 

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