Sunday, March 29, 2009

Detroit: It's Not Terrible

O.K., that's not exactly a Chamber of Commerce, ringing endorsement for the Motor City. But for those who think Detroit is nothing but urban blight and Devil's Night ... well, it's not all that bad. At least the area around Ford Field, where UConn will be playing Michigan State on Saturday at 6:07 p.m. in the Final Four. Step outside this general area at your own risk.

I stayed in Detroit a few times while on the Red Sox beat, always at a hotel near Comerica Field (which practically abuts Ford Field). I'd usually stay at the Courtyard Marriott that's a few blocks away from Comerica. I'd walk to the ballpark each day and never once feared for my life -- which is more than some of the veteran beat guys could say in their days covering games at Tiger Stadium. (Again, not exactly a ringing endorsement, I know). There's also a People Mover to get you around the downtown area.

Anyway, right across the street from Comerica is the Hockeytown Cafe, a big, two-story sports bar. You don't have to be a hockey fan to enjoy this place, just a beer fan. There's lots of it, and lots of TVs to watch sports. Real cool place.

There are some other bars and restaurants in the area that are decent, as well. Walk a few more blocks (towards the hotels) and you hit Greektown, which is a cool little area. There's a casino (if you like to gamble) and plenty of decent restaurants and bars.

And right across the river, in Windsor, Ont., there are plenty more casinos. I've still got a $2.50 chip I need to redeem there from the last time I went, in 2006. No idea why I still have it.
When you add in the fact that the NCAA will surely have plenty of events going on in the area for Final Four fans, I would certainly recommend a trip to the city, if you can afford it. It's not Vegas -- it's not even Phoenix, certainly not weather-wise -- but it's not too bad.
So there you have it: Detroit, It's Not Terrible. Quite a slogan, eh?


Anonymous Anonymous said...


My buddy and I want to drive out to detroit and are looking for tickets at a fairly decent price, whats our best bet in finding them?

10:45 PM 
Blogger David Borges said...

I believe there may be tickets on sale at

Also, given the economy, I wouldn't be shocked to see tickets attained rather cheaply from local "vendors" on game day. I know it's a risk, especially if you're driving a long way. But there appeared to be a good amount of empty seats in Phoenix, for what that's worth.

11:32 PM 
Blogger Jeffrey said...

agree. i went to fly to phoenix and just went on craigslist the day before both sessions and got very good seats for cheap. 7th row for 70 for the final at least.

11:43 PM 
Blogger Mike said...

there's an area called greektown where most of the casinos are with some decent restaurants too..

11:46 AM 

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