Thursday, March 19, 2009


Wow. Impressive. A 48-20 halftime lead, a 25-2 run (despite six straight missed free throws from Jeff Adrien). I honestly thought Chattanooga would put up a better fight than this. The Mocs had one field goal over the final 12 minutes of the opening half.

UConn is simply too big, too talented, too … everything for the Mocs. The Huskies are getting the ball inside effectively, and when Hasheem Thabeet or Adrien don't have a shot, they're kicking it out effectively to guards for open jumpers. And the guards, for the most part, are hitting them.

And Chattanooga is yapping a little bit. At one point, referee Dwayne B. Gladden told Moc forward Kevin Goffney to "keep your mouth shut" while yapping at Stanley Robinson as Robinson stepped to the free throw line. A.J. Price smiled like an assassin as he pulled up for the third of his three straight 3-pointers during a 10-0 personal run midway through the half. 'Nooga coach John Shulman got T'd up after complaining that Thabeet wasn't called for a foul on a blocked shot with 3:45 left.

There's one other thing worth noting here: the Huskies tend to play a lot freer and looser when Jim Calhoun is not on the sidelines, and that's the case today. The man is a Hall of Fame coach, one of the greatest of all time. But, at least initially, UConn players seem a little less nervous, a little less gun-shy about getting yanked after one mistake, when Calhoun isn't on the bench.

Not to say this will continue if Calhoun isn't able to coach any of UConn's ensuing games (and by most accounts, that doesn't seem like it will be the case), but for at least this afternoon, this seems to be a much more relaxed Husky squad.


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