Monday, February 04, 2008

Don't Go Back to Rockville

(Playing court reporter here ... and did anyone catch the R.E.M. song-title reference in the title of this post?)

Doug Wiggins pleaded guilty to a charge of possession of alcohol as a minor and paid a $90 fine, plus court costs, this morning at Rockville Superior Court.

He will also face a brief suspension of his driver's license on a charge of operating a motor vehicle on a suspended license. His license had been suspended after he failed to respond to a citation for a seat belt violation in early January. However, Wiggins has since made restitution on that charge.

Now, the UConn sophomore guard hopes to put the entire Jan. 24 incident behind him.

"Doug hopes his payment of the fine closes the case and will end it all," said his attorney, Rob Britt. "His focus is on school, on the team and on continuing to be a member of the UConn community."

Wiggins appeared in court with Britt by his side but didn't speak with reporters afterwards. Britt addressed some comments Wiggins made following his return to the UConn lineup on Saturday that indicated he felt he had been treated unfairly by UConn police.

"His issue is not with the two (undercover) officers who charged him," Britt said. "He has no complaint with them. His issue was with another officer at the scene."

Britt said Wiggins was bothered by some "remarks" made by that uniformed officer. However, it appears Wiggins won't pursue any legal action.


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