Thursday, March 06, 2008

Majok at The Dunk

The Providence coaching staff left some tickets behind the Friars' bench for Ater Majok, his cousin Majok Majok and coach Ed Smith for Thursday night's game. It was a nice gesture, because Ater Majok was clearly at the Dunkin' Donuts Center to see UConn.

In fact Majok, a 6-foot-9 forward from Sudan via Australia, will make an unofficial visit to UConn on Saturday for the Huskies' 4 p.m. regular-season finale with Cincinnati at Gampel Pavilion.

"I like the way they play, I like the coach," Majok said of the Huskies, adding he's looking forward to seeing "everything -- the university, how the classes are, everything about how life is at UConn" on this weekend's visit.

Majok added that UConn is particularly attractive because it has not only put many players in the NBA, but it has put many players who have similar games as Majok in the NBA (see: Gay, Rudy).

Majok, who boasts a 7-4 wingspan, is the 30th-ranked power forward among Class of 2008 high school players, according to But if he played more in America, it's likely Majok would be rated much higher.

Born in Sudan, Majok, 20, moved with his family to Ethiopia as a child, then went to Australia at about age 13. He plays at the American International School in Carlingford, Australia, under Smith, who used to coach UConn assistant Andre LaFleur in Australia.

Majok also plays for the Heat Basketball Academy in Virginia under coach Jason Niblett during the offseason.

Majok will return to Australia on March 15 and isn't sure if he'll make another visit before then. He has visited Maryland and Baylor, and also accompanied his cousin on a recent visit to Seton Hall. Providence is also very interested in Majok Majok, who won't graduate until 2010.

Ater Majok will make his collegiate decision in April.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Price was talking about the friars not having class. UCONN has the worst class I have ever seen. Their fans are horrible and mean! How they treat the opposing team is disrespectful. How can you be proud of that? Their players are nothing but thugs...including the football team. FYI UCONN: get a grip, quit being babies, and grow up!

3:22 PM 

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