Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Revenge on Huskies' minds

Think there's no rivalry between UConn and Providence? Think again.

The Friars' 77-65 victory over the Huskies on Jan. 17 at the XL Center did more than just convince UConn it had to get better in a hurry. It infuriated the Huskies.

A.J. Price, Doug Wiggins and Jeff Adrien said after practice today that PC players were taunting the UConn bench and talking a lot of trash during that game, in which the Friars hit 14 3-pointers. Here's what those three had to say:

Wiggins: "They were walking by our bench laughing, rubbing it in our face. It's definitely a revenge game for us. I remember all of it."

Adrien: "(PC players were) name-calling ... it was something to remember. They beat us the last two times we played them, so it's payback. We're going out to end that team's season."

Price: "It was real disrespectful. They don't know how to win, in my opinion, and it showed. They were laughing, mocking, talking a lot of junk out there. That's fresh in our minds. We've definitely got something to play for ... We know we can pretty much end their season ... We want to blow them out, that's what we're going to play for. I usually have a lot more respect for teams, but they showed a lack of respect last time we played them. They beat up on us and tried to make a mockery of us -- laughing, talking, yelling at our bench. I can't really respect teams who play that way."

Ouch. This could get ugly (and fun) tomorrow night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe he should keep his trap shut. Go Friars!

9:34 PM 

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