Friday, March 21, 2008

Price Quotes

A.J. Price spoke to a pool reporter shortly after UConn's 70-69, overtime loss to San Diego tonight in an NCAA tourney first-round game.

On his severely-sprained left knee:
"I made a tough move to the basket and as I was pushing off to go up I just felt everything go wrong in my knee, and I took pressure off of it as fast as I could. I was thinking about giving it a go, at one point I felt like I could, but when I did some warm-up stuff in the locker room, I just didn't think I could go. I'll have an MRI tonight to see what the story is."

On watching the rest of the game from the bench:
"I was saying all week how excited I was to play in my first (NCAA) tournament, and knowing that my team needed me tonight, it was extremely difficult to watch. But all in all, I was proud of these guys coming back and getting themselves back in the game. It was very hard to see my team lose with that last shot."

On giving his team advice from the bench:
I was giving the team everything I could as far as knowledge. I told Jerome Dyson that I needed him to go back to the scorer that he was. I knew he was capable of being there."

On the conclusion of the team's season:
"It's very difficult to deal with. We had a good season, not a great season, a good season, especially after the year we had last year. We showed a lot of people that this team is good; same players, same core. We came back and put together 24 wins. To end this way is very difficult, knowing we should be moving on. I feel like we had a great chance of winning on Sunday as well, so it's very tough."


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