Thursday, May 08, 2008

Now a Nutmegger

It's been a fairly quiet time in UConn hoops land for the last couple of weeks, and for that I'm thankful. We've been busy packing and moving for the past week, finally moving into a house in Southington on Monday. Born and raised in Rhode Island, even attending URI, it's the first time I've lived outside the Ocean State borders (yes, it's not that far -- but for Rhode Islanders, who consider a 20-minute drive to be like the Iditarod ... well, it's far enough).

Anyway, it'll be helpful living in Connecticut and covering the Huskies. Living in Cranston, R.I. wasn't a terrible hassle -- it only took about an hour's drive up Route 6 to get to Storrs. (Hartford, of course, was a bit more of a pain). But it certainly could be inconvenient at times. Like the time I got an e-mail at night saying UConn practice would be open at 10 a.m. the next day. So I leave at 8:30 to make sure I get there on time, only to find out that an e-mail had been sent at about 8:35 saying practice had been pushed back to 4 p.m. Rather than stick around Storrs for 6 hours, I took the hour's drive back home, then returned later. At least now, it'll only be about a 40-minute drive.

Looking forward to life in the Nutmeg State. My wife produces the 6 p.m. news at Channel 30, and my 21-month old daughter has day care right down the street, so this is the place we need to be right now.

Should be back soon with some actuall UConn hoops news.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

welcome to CT! Now more Bball news ;-)

8:16 PM 

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