Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Calhoun on Miles

Jim Calhoun commented -- albeit briefly -- about the Nate Miles situation on Wednesday.

When asked if the Miles situation has hurt the Huskies in any way, Calhoun quickly pointed out: "There have been 143 arrests at Penn State since 2003, and they're 7-0. It didn't hurt them."

Calhoun wasn't indicating that the more convicts on your team, the better. We're pretty sure he was just trying to point out that other collegiate programs have had far more offenders and deviants than UConn does or ever has.

He continued: "Did it hurt us? The young man was the best offensive player in the program. He's a terrific kid, he's still learning. What's happened to him is more than unfortunate."

(By the way, brought this up with some fellow writers: Why aren't we naming the alleged "victim" in the Miles situation? Miles hasn't been charged with assaulting her in any way, so protecting her name wouldn't fall under any 'rape shield' law or the like. Anyway, we all just kind of shrugged and agreed we probably would continue not to use her name. Guess that's the ultra-politically correct world we live in.)

As for other news from the Husky Run:

**UConn commits Alex Oriakhi and Jamaal Coombs-McDaniel, as well as Andre Drummond (a 6-9 15-year-old from Middletown) and Tobias Harris are expected to attend Friday's "First Night" festivities.

**Calhoun said there's about a "90 percent" chance for Stanely Robinson to be back with the team by mid-December. "He's doing all the things he's supposed to do, getting up at 6:30 in the morning, getting to work on time ..."

**There's also a "very, very good chance" that Ater Majok will arrive at about the same time Robinson does, though his situation is still a little more murky because he must pass through the NCAA clearinghouse and there's some confusion with his transcripts, etc. from Australia.

**How fast is Kemba Walker? "People say I'm fast, and he's hands-down faster and quicker than me," said A.J. Price.

**Check out tomorrow's Register for a story about how Jerome Dyson has matured and is eager to put last season's disappointing season behind him.


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