Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bits and Pieces

(A few leftover bits and pieces from UConn territory following Wednesday's big win over Marquette)

***Jeff Adrien's recent spate of subpar play (4-for-18, 11 points in his last two games) hasn't been beneficial to UConn's present, but its origin could be a big positive for the Huskies' future.

Confused? Well, Adrien goes up against Ater Majok and Charles Okwandu in practice every day. Lately, both Majok and Okwandu have been getting the best of Adrien -- blocking his shots, defending him well, etc. -- and it may have gotten into Adrien's head a little bit and is carrying over into games.

It says here that Adrien will snap out of it (though it's been a while since he's had a good first half in a game), but the fact that Majok and Okwandu are developing well in practice is a good sign for UConn's future.

In fact, the two African natives have developed a tight bond. It may sound odd, but when Okwandu was deemed academically ineligible last month, it may have been a blessing in disguise for the 7-footer who's still very new to the game. Now, he can develop in practice at a slower pace than if he was still expected to possibly contribute some minutes as the season progresses.

***The Huskies are high on Darius Smith, a 6-2, Class of 2009 combo guard out of Chicago. In fact, they'll watch him a couple of times in upcoming weeks -- including this afternoon during one of Smith's practices.

***After associate head coach George Blaney expressed the historical context of Jim Calhoun's 800th career win in the locker room following Wednesday night's game, the entire Husky team huddled together and A.J. Price took over. Price re-emphasized Calhoun's accomplishment, then led the team in a chant of "800! 800!"

***After watching Scottie Haralson miss his first two 3-pointers but keep shooting and finally hit a pair later in the game, Calhoun was impressed with the freshman's guts on Wednesday night -- though he used a slightly different term.

***(Tough one, going way back in the day) Who sang "Bits and Pieces"?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bits and Pieces song by the Dave Clark Five

5:11 PM 
Blogger David Borges said...


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Blogger Todd Parmelee said...

I know I beat you up a bit in my last comment, but I really enjoy your blog. I also think that you have some good insight into the program. Hopefully, the Register gets some bailout money.

9:50 AM 

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