Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Knight's School?

Greetings from … Philly. Yup, Philly, home of Rocky Balboa and Will Smith and … ah, never mind.

We're currently at the whim of two of the worst entities you'll ever find when traveling: U.S. Airways and Philadelphia International Airport. And by "we" I mean myself and Mike Anthony … and no, not the bass player from Van Halen.

Our U.S. Dare … er, U.S. Air connector flight from Philly to Milwaukee was cancelled due to mechanical problems. Come to find out three other flights to Suds City were also cancelled for the same reason (!?). Gotta love U.S. Air. Why would Sully Sullenberger work for an airline like that, anyway?

So, we got on a flight that leaves here at 5:55 p.m. and lands in Milwaukee at 7:15 p.m. – about the same time UConn is slated to arrive. Hopefully, we won't miss too much – if any – of the team's availability at their hotel. It does mean a few more hours in this God-awful airport, however. Honestly, I can't think of a time I've ever flown through here where there wasn't some sort of snafu. Fellow travelers, you with me on this one?

Anyway, I realize this blog has been a little light on recruiting news lately, for various reasons. (And not because I'm busy trying to get Jim Calhoun to give money back from his contract. Guess I'm not doing my job, am I).

Here's a little something: Brandon Knight, the top-rated Class of 2010 point guard in America, according to scout.com, likes UConn a lot. According to someone close to him, the Huskies are "definitely in the mix" for Knight's services, "they've just got to stay in the mix."

Calhoun, George Blaney and Pat Sellers have all been down to Fort Lauderdale to see Knight play at Pine Crest High. Sellers also saw Knight play recently in New York, and Knight was at Storrs last season for a game against Marquette.

Of course, coaches from Syracuse, Georgetown, Duke, Miami, Florida, Kentucky, Kansas, Texas … virtually every major program in the country have come down to see Knight play. Knight won't start seriously paring down schools until this summer. We're told he loves the Big East and loves the fact that UConn sends so many players to the NBA, and that ultimately his decision will come down to whether he wants to stay near home or take his outstanding game (and 4.2 GPA) away from home.

Anyway, that's all I've got for now. Talk to you soon from Milwaukee … hopefully.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sitting in the lovely Courtyard-Milwaukee playing air guitar (and air bass, of course) to the tunes of your traveling companion's namesake.
Don't worry. We'll wait for you as long as buy the first chicken wing and/or beer.

5:51 PM 
Blogger David Borges said...

Thanks Ed ... or is it Neill? Trying to think of who's the bigger fan of 80's hair-band metal.

10:09 PM 
Blogger Todd Parmelee said...

Brandon Knight . . . he played at Pitt? I hope he is better than Omar Cook at shooting the rock, I mean Kemba Walker.

6:14 PM 

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