Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sticks Clicks in Classroom

It was about this time last year when Jim Calhoun announced that Stanley Robinson would sit out the first semester of the upcoming season for personal reasons.

What a difference a year makes.

Robinson was apparently as impressive in the classroom as he was in the court this past winter. According to Calhoun, Robinson may boast the highest cumulative GPA on the team right now. Whether or not "Sticks" remains the Huskies' best student, Calhoun believes there's a good chance he could be the team's best player next season.

Elsewhere in UConn Territory:

***Will Ater Majok ever wear a UConn uniform? Don't ask me … or the UConn coaching staff. They're as miffed about Majok's future as you or me. Calhoun believes Majok will pull his name out of the NBA draft by the June 15 deadline, but apparently Majok may be mulling over some European offers. That would be a big mistake, as far as Calhoun is concerned.

***Jeff Adrien was measured at 6-foot-6 ½ for his NBA draft measurements, but with a 7-2 wingspan that was among the biggest of any other player. In fact, his height and wingspan were the exact same as Pitt's DeJuan Blair – only Blair checked in at 277 pounds, Adrien at 236.

***Adrien has opened some teams' eyes recently, getting invited back for second visits by Portland, Minnesota and Oklahoma City. While doesn't foresee him getting selected, the UConn staff is holding out hope he does. The Celtics? We're hearing that because they already have so many young players (Gabe Pruitt, Bill Walker, J.R. Giddens) languishing on the bench, they might go for a more experienced foreign player, or trade away their pick.

***A.J. Price appears to be projected for the early-to-mid-second round. First round is still a possibility. The Memphis Grizzlies have inquired quite a bit about Hasheem Thabeet, making it appear they could very well take him with the No. 2 overall pick.

***Craig Austrie might try to get into an NBA camp as a free agent, though Calhoun believes it's probably a mistake. A better option, Calhoun believes, is Europe. Austrie is getting married next summer.

***Jerome Dyson is about "90 percent" recovered from his torn lateral meniscus injury in his right knee suffered last February. Dyson is making cuts, taking shooting drills – essentially everything but playing right now. He could start playing within the next week.

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