Friday, October 12, 2007

First Night tidbits

Couple of interesting tidbits so far from First Night:

Sophomore guard Doug Wiggins isn't here and, indeed, hasn't been allowed in the UConn locker room for the past few weeks because, in coach Jim Calhoun's words, "he hasn't lived up to my standards."

Wiggins isn't injured, and it's not an academic or behavioral issue, or the university would have taken action. Rather, it's been a "pattern of behavior that culminated in one incident," according to Calhoun.

Wiggins will practice with the team Saturday morning in its first official practice of the season, but he'll still have to dress in a separate locker room, with walk-ons, etc., until he gets back into Calhoun's good graces.

Also ...

7-footer Assane Sene, a senior at the South Kent School via Senegal, is in the house on an official visit. He's already visited the University of Virginia and says he loves both UConn and UVA. Although several other schools are wooing him (Syracuse, UCLA, Maryland, etc.), Sene isn't sure if he'll make any more visits.

He'd like to make his decision some time in November.


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