Saturday, February 28, 2009


Here's a new feature that will run about a half-hour before each game:

***UConn has six recruits in the house for today's game: Three players from Sagemont Upper School in Weston, Fla. --- Fabricio de Melo, a 7-foot center who played on Brazil's Under-18 national team last summer; Richard Peters, a 6-10, 220-pound center; and Rod Days, a 6-6 small forward. De Melo is a senior, but he may need a year of prep school. Peters and Days are both Class of 2011. All three will head to Louisville tomorrow for a visit, as well.

Also here are Tobias Harris, Middletown's Andre Drummond, commit Jamaal Coombs-McDaniel and Aquan Parker (that's the name I was given; I did a Google search and a search and couldn't find anything on him. I may be misspelling his name, or may have heard it wrong).

Finally, the Huskies saw Darius Smith, a 6-2, Class of 2009 combo guard out of Chicago, on Wednesday and liked what they saw. So much so that they'll see him again on Tuesday night.

***UConn's student section is pumped up. Lots of Jim Calhoun faces being held (expect a huge ovation for him today). Chants of "One more year!" for Hasheem Thabeet; lots of boos for Luke Harangody and a fan who had the nerve to dress up as a leprechaun. The Blue & White Guy is resplendant in ... well, blue and white.

***UConn assistant coach Patrick Sellers: "If we play anything like we have the last two or three practices ... look out. Stanley, especially (Sellers knocks on the wooden floor) has been playing great, so much energy."

Sellers thinks a lot of the latter has to do with Robinson going up against 7-foot Charles Okwandu and 6-11 Ater Majok in practice every day.

***A.J. Price was greeted by his Amityville High coach, Jack Agostino, during pregame layups.

***No word on who hands Calhoun the commerortive ball celebrating his 800th win in a few minutes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha i thought we were getting a whole pre game ceremony update minute by minute kinda thing? Maybe with some pictures

6:42 PM 

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