Saturday, March 21, 2009


Watching the waning seconds of Villanova's brutal dismantling of UCLA (and ex-Pitt coach Ben Howland) in front of about 12,000 Wildcat fans. 'Nova's a good team and will be a tough out for Duke or Texas next week.

If you're wondering why Villanova got to play essentially a home game for its first two NCAA tourney games at the Wachovia Center, it's because the Wildcats only played three games here this season. Per NCAA rules, a team may not play any tourney games at a site at which it plays more than three games during the regular season.

As for UConn, the Huskies watched the first half from the end zone seats behind one of the baskets, then filed into their locker room, to the catcalls of several Villanova fans.

There should be a good number of UConn fans in the building today, but likely at least an equal number anti-Husky fans (Villanova fans, a smattering of A&M fans, and neutral fans simply looking for an upset -- however minor).

Today's game officials: Bob Donato (did Jim Calhoun just get sick again?), Joe Lindsay and Patrick Evans.


Blogger Mike said...

I was at the game yesterday and have a hard time understanding why nova fans would be so anti-uconn. This isn't the NFC East. I've followed UConn since I was 11 years old (now 30) and I've always rooted for other big east teams to do well in the tournament since it makes every program in the league look better! And there were even some uconn fans rooting for ucla?! Can't wrap my head around that logic.

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