Friday, January 26, 2007

News and light reading

Some light reading while you think about which is worse:

A) The inbounds pass Duke’s Josh McRoberts threw.

B) The time keeper and officials at Cameron Indoor.

C) Jay Bilas’ explanation given his background.


Check out the final seconds of the Duke-Clemson game from last night.


1) A.J. Price is back as the starting point guard for UConn.

2) This comes from central New York. Cornell’s Khaliq Grant dove for a loose ball in practice and now faces his future. Good read from the Post-Standard’s Mike Waters.

3) You think you hold a grudge? Check out what Gilbert Arenas thinks he can do on the college level against Duke.

Some background: Coach K cut Arenas from the national team.

4) Bill Livingston of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer going out on a limb with his evaluation of Ohio State freshman Greg Oden.

5) Found this buried among all the other Bob Knight stories. Here are some first encounters with the man and the myth.

6) Finally, in case you missed colleague Chip Malafronte’s personal retrospect on the New Haven Coliseum, go about three entries down on his blog. As a transplant, these are memories I’ll never own.

Seems to be a lot of Van Halen in there.


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