Monday, July 28, 2008

Chat with the Coach

Spoke with Jim Calhoun earlier today for a story that will run in tomorrow's New Haven Register. Here's some of the things the coach had to say:

**Just completed his 24th radiation treatment with nine more to go, the final one set for Aug. 8. He's feeling a bit fatigued, but more distressingly, he has lost his sense of taste, the ability to salivate, occasionally even the ability to swallow, due to the radiation on his neck and throat. Once the treatments end, he's told he should actually expect to feel even worse for a period of 1-3 weeks before finally turning the corner.

**Will be present at his elite camp at Gampel this Sunday and Monday, though perhaps not as visible as last year (i.e., no two-hour speeches, for obvious reasons).

**On Kemba Walker: "I love him. One of the strange things of recruiting ... I saw him as a sophomore and kind of liked him. He was on the same team as (Edgar) Sosa, and we were looking at Sosa and Curtis (Kelly). The same way he attacks the SAT, he attacks his jump shot and his game. He's been tutored for the SAT about 20 different times and he's had a dramatic rise in his scores. Basketrball-wise, (FIBA Americas Under-18 coach Bob McKillop) said he was the only true warrior they had. He's quiet, but so tough, like Rickey Moore was."

**On whether A.J. Price and Walker will share floor together at times next season: "A.J. is my point guard, without question, but because maybe of some physical problems, and because of Kemba, he's got the same amount of work as anybody else. But the good thing is, they can all play togather. We can play Craig (Austrie) at the 1 or 2, A.J. at the 1, maybe the 2, Kemba probaly is a 1, Nate (Miles) is a 1, 2 or 3. Hasheem (Thabeet) thinks Nate is our best passer."

**Stanley Robinson is currently taking a class at a nearby community college. He'll take two more community college courses over the fall, while also working full-time, and if all goes well, would be welcomed back at UConn for the second semester. Robinson would have to pay his own way, but as a full-qualifier, he would get nearly a full ride.

**Andrew Bynum had asked to play in Calhoun's charity all-star game on Aug. 8 at Mohegan Sun, and Calhoun originally thought he'd let him play. But he eventually thought better: "We decided just not to do it. I appreciated (Bynum's interest), but it ended up not being the best thing to do. It's been a UConn thing. We're very fortunate to get enough UConn players. The bottom line is, the more I thought about it, we've got plenty of UConn players."


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